St Vincent’s Life Ball

We’re happy to play the role of life support. When St Vincent’s needed our expertise to pull off their biggest fundraiser of the year we switched on. No detail was left unnoticed and an overall breathtaking experience was built. We worked with their fundraising team to create an unforgettable room design: from early production, through bringing it together on the night and then all through the night. 350 people were …

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A Country Celebration

We go to the ends of the earth for someone on their special day. This time it was the beautiful countryside. We brought everything except the kitchen sink on a road trip, even some of the client’s furniture to create their home away from home. We rose at 4am with the rooster to ensure the marquee and decor was set up for 10am guest arrival. As the client walked around …

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Ben and Jerry Marriage Equality

Ben and Jerry’s have always been great supporters of Marriage Equality. We worked with Mindshare to help them make a strong positive statement. We designed a complex build that could fit into one truck and move briskly around town. We made it light enough to pack away and moveable on wheels. It could be rebranded quickly for different flavours. It made an impact everywhere it went. Enough statements made?

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