Noodle Box – Happy Deck

We discovered how to stand out at a big event in a very short space of time. Working with Peer Group we created this eye-catching space for Noodle Box at the touring Big Day Out. Weeks of pre-manufacture ensured we could install our Happy Deck in in a handful of hours on the day. We carefully disguised the scaffolding and dressed the inside of the unit. We ensured it looked …

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Invisalign – Sunflower Wall

We just love to make people smile. Working with Live Works we developed the eye-popping creative to display and share sunflowers for busy city rat racers. The branding was applied on site and the sunflowers replaced as quickly as they were handed out. Careful planning and agency engagement was key. Environmentally sound, easy to install and noiseless in the process, meant the delivery had no surprises (except the delight of …

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Evian - Bondi_058

Evian – The Hills Hoist

When you want to let people play with abandon, someone has to think about safety. Because branding agency wanted to let Aussies play on an iconic piece of history, they asked us to design and build the activation. We consulted our engineer to understand weight ratios – frame design and counter weighting. Then we put our heads to create a structure that allowed maximum capability and absolute fun. We let …

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Ben and Jerry Marriage Equality

Ben and Jerry’s have always been great supporters of Marriage Equality. We worked with Mindshare to help them make a strong positive statement. We designed a complex build that could fit into one truck and move briskly around town. We made it light enough to pack away and moveable on wheels. It could be rebranded quickly for different flavours. It made an impact everywhere it went. Enough statements made?


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